Celebrating Outstanding Achievers with Pandai Awards Ceremony 2024!

On 3 March 2024, marked a significant milestone as Pandai hosted the very first Pandai Carnival ever. The event, tailored for the school holidays, brought together families for a day of entertainment, learning, and celebration.

From engaging games to insightful meet and greets, Pandai Carnival offered an array of activities designed to captivate both children and parents. Among the highlights were educational games like Fold and Fly Aerodesign, Block by Block, and Eco Toss. They provide not only entertainment but also fostering curiosity and knowledge exploration in young minds.

One of the most anticipated aspects of the carnival was the chance for students to meet their favourite Pandai tutors in person. This rare opportunity allowed kids to interact with their mentors beyond the virtual classroom, creating memorable experiences and strengthening their educational journey.

To add to the excitement, students received activity cards to track their participation and earn rewards. This gamified approach not only incentivized engagement but also encouraged children to explore various educational avenues offered by Pandai.

Meanwhile, parents were treated to exclusive sharing sessions with field experts like Dr. Shukri Abdullah, delving into topics crucial for their children’s academic growth. Discussions ranged from the role of technology in education to strategies for nurturing children’s interest in learning.

Pandai Awards Ceremony 2024

The pinnacle of the event was the Pandai Awards Ceremony, where achievements were celebrated and accolades bestowed upon deserving individuals. From appreciating partners and top sales achievers to recognizing the outstanding performance of students, the ceremony was a testament to the collective effort and dedication within the Pandai community.

The awards presented to students encompassed various aspects of their engagement and progress within the Pandai platform:

  • Community Award: Recognizing the top 5 Most Active Members in the Young Pandai Club.
  • Battle Champion Award: Honoring the top 5 Best Battle Performers for Pandai Quiz Battle, for each Primary and Secondary level.
  • Endurance Award: Commending the top 5 Longest Streak Achievers in Pandai, for each Primary and Secondary level.
  • Initiative Award: Celebrating the top 5 Most Active Students in the Pandai App, based on accumulated usage of the App, for each Primary and Secondary level.
  • Inspiration Award: Acknowledging the top 10 Most Improved Students on the Pandai App, highlighting their remarkable progress and dedication towards academic excellence.
  • Dedication Award: Applauding the top 5 Students with The Best Attendance for Live Tuition, based on hours active throughout all classes for 2023, for each Primary and Secondary level.
  • Excellence Award: The most prestigious accolade, recognizing the top 5 Most Outstanding Students for Each Year, based on a cumulative evaluation of all award categories.

As the curtains closed on the carnival, it was evident that Pandai had succeeded in creating a platform where education meets entertainment, fostering a love for learning in a fun and interactive way. With the resounding success of both events, the stage is set for future events to continue inspiring and empowering learners of all ages.

How can YOU be a part of the Pandai Awards Ceremony?

Students must subscribe to Pandai Premium and actively engage with the Pandai app, striving to achieve your best, just like in school! You will earn recognition for your dedication and excellence by participating in quizzes, attending live tuition sessions, and exploring the various educational resources available. Download Pandai App Now!

All in all, Pandai Carnival and Pandai Awards Ceremony exemplified the spirit of education as a journey of exploration and discovery. As Pandai looks ahead, we welcome more families to join in this enriching experience, bridging the gap between fun and learning in the most delightful way possible.

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