Pandai Partners With MCPA To Empower Youth for Work Readiness!

On March 3, 2024, Pandai signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Malaysian Career Preparedness Association (MCPA). This collaboration is focused on developing and equipping school students with the skills needed to be relevant and employable.

Who is Malaysian Career Preparedness Association (MCPA)?

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, youth career preparedness is more crucial than ever. MCPA, a non-profit organisation has made it their mission to equip young individuals and fresh graduates with the necessary skills to be work ready. Through customised program modules and on-job training with strategic partnerships, MCPA aims to help decrease unemployment rate in Malaysia.

Objectives of the collaboration

Pandai, an online learning app that offers online tuition as one of its services, is partnering with MCPA to produce professional tutors for the online classes. They will also work closely together for the design and delivery of customised Learning and Development programs in the Pandai App through 1-1 tutor program.

Furthermore, MCPA will also provide youth volunteers and talents from the on-the-job training programs arranged by Pandai. Through both virtual and physical programs, this collaboration helps young people to acquire practical skills and experiences essential for their career development. This will not only benefits the youth but also contributes to the overall goal of reducing unemployment and producing skilled educators.

Additionally, Young Pandai (Pandai students) will also have the opportunity to participate in community growth initiatives provided by this collaboration. These initiatives will identify interests, actions, places, practices and circumstances for community development across five key areas: physical, financial, human, social and environmental, aiming to help Young Pandai be prepared to work at both local and global levels.

In summary, this partnership will assist school students in being prepared for work. Through the programs and initiatives provided, Young Pandai with be trained with skills, resources and opportunities necessary for future job employment. Let’s bring positive change and create a better future for youths!

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