How to Stay Energized During Ramadan: Tips for School Kids

Fasting month, or also known as Ramadan, is just around the corner! It is a form of worship to God, and a way to empathize for the less fortunate. Generally, fasting during Ramadan can be really tiring, especially for school kids as they will encounter thirst and hunger before breaking their fast. Plus, managing their energy levels while attending classes can be super challenging, considering the hot weather too. Therefore, Pandai would love to share a few tips for students on how to stay energized during Ramadan!

#1 Don’t Miss Suhoor

It is crucial to eat and drink in moderation during Suhoor. As going to school requires a lot of energy, especially during Ramadan, children need to eat and stay hydrated in order to concentrate in class. It is advisable to wake up early and eat nutritious food that includes all important carbohydrate, protein and vitamins in one plate. For instance, food like dates, eggs, meat, bread and rice are excellent in providing long-lasting energy. Additionally, children must avoid sugary or carbonated drinks during Suhoor and instead drink loads of plain water to avoid dehydration that can lead to decreased concentration.

#2 Limit Physical Activities

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While it’s important for children to stay active, they should limit their physical activity throughout Ramadan, particularly during physical education (P.E). This is to avoid fatigueness due to overexertion, especially during the hottest parts of the day. Instead, encourage the children to engage in light exercises such as walking or stretching to maintain their energy levels. Remember kids, it’s essential to retain your energy as much as possible as it will be a long and tiring day at school!

#3 Get Sufficient Sleep

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Children should get quality sleep to maintain energy levels and overall well-being during Ramadan. It’s advisable to encourage schoolchildren to create a regular sleep routine and strive for seven to nine hours of sleep every night. In order to improve the quality of sleep, create a calm and comfortable sleep environment. Avoid loud noises and phone before bed as it can mess with one’s natural sleep cycle.

Overall, as a fellow Muslim, we should be happy that we are given the chance once again to experience Ramadan this year. Ramadan is indeed a blessing, and we should take the opportunity to do more good deeds during this holy month. For students, these tips are useful to help you stay energized during the school time. Lastly, Pandai would love to wish everyone a good Ramadan Kareem and remember, puasa penuh tau!

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