Children Need To Be Disciplined In Better Ways

If we don’t shape our kids, they will be shaped by outside forces that don’t care what shape our kids are in.”

—Dr. Louise Hart

Disciplining a child who refuses to listen is a common challenge for parents. An enjoyable, caring relationship suffers the most damage. It doesn’t have to be this way. Discipline is more concerned with education than with punishment. It’s the idea that rather than punishing kids for bad behaviour, we should instead take the initiative to guide, advise, inform, and teach them the proper way to act in social situations. The goal of discipline is broader than just fixing one specific problem. Without adequate training, children will repeat the same undesirable behaviours, whether rewarded or punished. There are strategies for dealing with a child who won’t listen, and even better, you can guide them so they’ll listen eagerly from the beginning.

Focus On Your Kids’ Emotional Needs

Simply put, children need to be paid attention to. Remember that kids will look for negative attention if their parents don’t give them good attention first. Even bad attention is a “deposit” in a child’s attention bucket, so they will do bad things to get their parent’s attention. Spend 15 to 30 minutes a day with each child doing something they like, like playing a game they chose or reading a book they want. It helps them feel they are being cared for by their parents.

Good Behaviour is Rewarded and Praised

Instead of punishing a child when they do something wrong, parents should reward them for good behaviour. For example, if your child frequently argues with their siblings, you may introduce the concept of rewards to encourage them to get along better.

By providing a reason to behave, misbehaviour may be rapidly compromised. Instead of focusing on what they should not do, rewards encourage children to concentrate on what they must do to achieve their goals. With Pandai applications, parents can monitor their children’s progress and reward them for performing well.

Understand The Reason Behind The Misbehaviour

Misbehaviour sometimes includes physical altercations and the careless scattering of belongings, making it difficult for parents to retain their temper. Parents should set firm limits by saying things such as, “That is not acceptable; we do not throw things away in our house.”

Putting in the effort to grasp your child’s bad habits is crucial. You may get your kid talking by asking them the following things:

  • What are your emotions right now?
  • Why are you so angry?
  • Aim to unpack everything there.

Here in Pandai, parents also can create an account to monitor their child. It helps parents out there to bond with their children by helping them or monitoring them doing the quizzes, battles and other activities in Pandai apps. There are so many benefits for registering a Pandai Parent account. Don’t forget to do so!

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