More Vouchers to be Redeemed!

Hey Young Pandai!

We’re thrilled to announce MORE e-vouchers are introduced in Pandai App that will make your learning journey even more rewarding! Say hello to Zus Coffee, Prepaid Vouchers, and Steam Voucher—your passport to a world of perks!

1. Zus Coffee

Calling all coffee enthusiasts! Now, every quiz battle you conquer in Pandai gets you one step closer to that perfect cup of Zus Coffee. Imagine indulging in the rich aroma and flavors of Zus Coffee, all while enhancing your knowledge. Your brain deserves a treat, and Zus Coffee is here to make it happen!

2. Prepaid Vouchers

We know how crucial staying connected is, and we’ve got your back. Earn Prepaid Vouchers worth RM10 by acing those practices and quizzes. Stay charged up and keep the learning momentum going without worrying about running out of data or credit. It’s our way of saying, “Keep learning, stay connected!”

3. Steam Voucher

For our gaming aficionados, we’ve got something special in store. Conquer the educational challenges on Pandai, collect those coins, and unlock the gateway to a gaming paradise with Steam Voucher worth RM12. Your skills in Pandai could be the key to leveling up in your favorite games. It’s time to bridge the gap between learning and gaming!

How to Redeem Your E-Vouchers:

  1. Accumulate Coins: Collect coins through quiz, battles, daily challenge, or practices in Pandai App.
  2. Visit the Rewards Section: Head over to the Rewards section in the app to explore the array of e-vouchers available.
  3. Choose Your Reward: Select your desired voucher to claim —Zus Coffee, Prepaid Vouchers, or Steam Voucher!
  4. Redeem and Enjoy: Exchange your hard-earned coins for the e-voucher of your choice and savor the rewards.

Why Wait? Learn and Reward Yourself Today!

It’s time to turn your learning adventures into a treasure trove of rewards. Collect coins, claim your e-vouchers, and enjoy the perks that come with being a Young Pandai. Let the fun-filled learning journey on Pandai be your gateway to a cup of blissful coffee, seamless connectivity, and gaming extravagance. Happy learning, Young Pandai!

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