Holidays are for Resting and Recharging!

What have you got planned for the week-long mid-term break? I bet it has become a tad bit hard to decide on school holiday activities since eating out, watching movies at the cinema, and visiting museums are ruled out (at least for now).

Don’t worry! As usual, the Pandai Team is always here to back you up, even during breaks and rest time. We believe that pacing yourself is important in achieving quality results for your goals!

So, read ahead. Here are 5-holiday activity suggestions for you to Rest & Recharge before school starts again.

1. Put that phone away!

2. Step out of your normal routine

3. Get some fresh air and sunlight!

4. Get your creative gears going

As proven in our previous Colouring Contest, you guys are stinking talented!! This school holiday is the perfect excuse to get more of those creative juices flowing. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to paint and draw, okay! You could write, sculpt, play music, do some DIY, cook, do some gardening…the list goes on!

Embracing your imaginative side allows you to be more critical and attentive to details. In other words, it makes your brain healthier and stronger (of course)! Not to mention, it keeps our mental health in check and helps us appreciate ourselves more. Besides, ain’t it simply just a lot of fun? And that’s what taking a break is all about, right.😉

5. Choose quality over quantity

I know we said no book-talk but sometimes, it’s just hard to get away from – even during school holidays. I mean, how can you dismiss study time when the big exams are just around the corner? Plus, like it or not, that pile of homework isn’t going to complete itself. The trick is simple: “study smart, not study hard”.

We recommend getting your homework out of the way early so that you can enjoy the rest of your holidays worry-free. And if you feel like doing more, just come back to Pandai as we’ve made revisions to be easy breezy, lemon squeezy. One gamified quiz a day is enough for a quality study session over the holidays.

All good now? Great! Enjoy your holidays! 😎

This article is based on a piece by Ingrid Delange at Kognity.

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