Pandai – Benefits of AI for students

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of science producing and studying the machines aimed at the stimulation of human intelligence processes. The main objective of AI is to optimize the routine processes, improving their speed and efficiency. Artificial Intelligence has had a tremendous impact across industries, among them education. 

AI tools mostly comply with 3 basic principles: 

  1. Learning: Acquiring and processing the new experience, creating new behavior models
  2. Self-correction: Refining the algorithms to ensure the most accurate results
  3. Reasoning: Picking up the specific algorithms to resolve a specific task

Regarding the big opportunities, AI tools open for every sector including the educational one.

There are several Benefits of AI for students, especially in Pandai Application.

Benefits Of AI For Students

24/7 Access To Learning

Traditionally, students have had to wait until they are in class or professors are available to resolve any questions or doubts. 

But, not anymore. With AI helpers based online, students always have access to learning. They are free to plan their day without being linked to a specific place. They can study on the go, at any place and time they want. They can build their schedule based on their most productive hours.

Less Pressure

Lessons tailored to the needs of different learning groups allow students to stop comparing them to each other. Earlier, a student should have asked a teacher for help in front of the class. Now, it’s enough to type a query using a personal virtual assistant and get an instant explanation.

Also, AI powers the platforms that digitize textbooks and allow students to access them on different devices from anywhere, at any time.   

This is great for students who are not able to attend classes to study & catch up certain subjects. So, they can pay attention to such data and provide students with customized and specific feedback to allow them to learn effectively and improve performance.

Such tools can also track their progress and generate meaningful reports for teachers to be able to continue creating materials that are relevant for each student.

Better Engagement

Individualized schedules, custom tasks, interaction with digital technologies, and personal recommendations are part of the personal approach each student gets using AI. Besides, a personal approach helps students feel special, increasing their engagement and raising interest in studies in such a way.

These opportunities offered by AI in Pandai make personal progress come to the fore, reducing the pressure in the classroom. Less pressure means less stress and more enthusiasm to study.

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