Pandai’s Mission – To Bring Quality Education To As Many Students As Possible

Our mission in Pandai is to bring quality education to as many students as possible.

Education is a great leveler. With education, a child from a modest background can rise through hardships and realize her full potential. A good education leads to the development of good character as well as to economic opportunities. A requisite to leading a full, happy, and meaningful life is an excellent education at a young age.

Unfortunately, access to education is not equal. Access to quality education is not equal. Some children were born into families with financial means and educational know-how, who encounter opportunities after opportunities. Some children do not.

At Pandai, our social mission is to bring quality education in a way that is accessible for most students, regardless of their economic and geographical background. We believe in working towards the greater good. We believe in benefiting the largest number of students with the highest amount of benefit. In this way, we strive to do social good.

We believe in the democratisation of education to ensure that every child gets an opportunity to learn. We are committed to empowering children in the most remote geographies and underserved communities through our tech-driven learning programs.

Why do we care?

  • We believe that education is the most critical effort in nation-building.
  • We believe that by giving our young the opportunity of a good education, we help open the doors to other opportunities.
  • We believe that by working together with other stakeholders in education, we can help more students achieve their fullest potential.
  • We at Pandai are dreamers: we dream of a future Malaysia where all children can access quality education and contribute to our nation as productive and erudite citizens. A Malaysia where opportunities are open to all children regardless of which family they are born into.

Our mission, in other words, is to work towards our dream.

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