What are the Most Advanced Japan Technological Invention?

Roughly every five years, Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry draws up a list of major fields of technology. It is widely believed in Japan that the country is entering the age of fourth-generation material from provision of vending machines containing clothes and shoes to automatic doors that open shifting accordingly to your body shape; the Japanese incorporate technology into their everyday lives.

The source of Japan’s technological advancement is undoubtedly from the youth of Japan.

Japan have created many exemplary inventions, such as:

1. Round Keyboards

Drum set keyboards were developed by the Japanese Google input development team, these keyboards are faster and more efficient than regular keyboards. Since this keyboard was produced in Japan, it is only available nationally and in the Japanese language. In the future however, it is expected that these circular-shaped keyboards will be introduced in other parts of the world as well.

2. Robot Hotel Staff

Nagasaki’s Henn-na Hotel, is run entirely by robots. It is a famous capsule hotel renowned for its high-tech facilities. When you enter, a mechanised dinosaur guides you through check-in and a luggage bot wheels your suitcase into your room beside you. When you wish to sleep, your robot companion turns off the lights for you. 

By replacing human staff with robots’ labour costs decrease, bringing benefits to people. A main benefit that we would receive is that robots would be able to work more than people. Humans can become ill or quit the job, but by having robots as staff, all factors of sickness and tiredness are eliminated. This means that the we wouldn’t have to deal with giving days off to its staff, making the business more convenient. Also, robots are far faster at completing work, and are communicative and courteous at all times.

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World’s thinnest phone glass

Fairly recently, Japan has produced the world’s thinnest float glass, with improved light transmittance and flexibility. It was invented by the Design and Research Institute. It can withstand the impact of a 1.95oz steel ball falling from a height of 3.3ft. The price of Japan’s touch screens is set to surely fall, which will benefit the entire electrical device market.


Japan is the world’s hotspot market for tech innovation and 5G is no exception. According to NTT Docomo in February 2021, in cooperation with an international group of other leading firms, a basic agreement has been signed to establish a consortium to provide 5G solutions paving the way for the future.

Fast infrastructure

Perhaps the most well-known aspect of the technological innovation which can be found in Japan is its fast infrastructure. The first high-speed train, or so-called bullet train, was built in Japan. The line was built between two massive hubs, Tokyo and Osaka, and was inaugurated in 1964. The high-speed train has carried around 10 billion riders since its inauguration and has an incontestable record of safety as there have not been any fatal derailments or collisions. Moreover, the average delay of the high-speed train is 36 seconds

As only 20 percent of the country’s land is habitable, the high-speed train was an amazing solution for workers to live in distant areas and easily commute to the metropolis such as Tokyo in just a few hours. Also, another benefit which Japan has received is the booming tourism. Tourists who often come to large cities are more likely to visit also relatively underdeveloped areas increasing the local economy in those places. 

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In short, Japan was one of the first countries to understand the true power of technology and has embraced its benefits. 

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