Active Recall : The Top Study Method

If you don’t know, active recall is considered one of the most efficient ways to study. These methods are so good. These may seem like hard concepts to grasp, however, when used wisely they will result in a massive jump in exam scores.

What is Active Recall?
Active Recall is a principle of efficient learning which actively stimulates the memory during the learning process. According to research, active recall performs 50% better than the normal studying process.

In this 2014 study, the authors describe some of the evidence behind active recall. Two groups were given questions to read and understand. They found that even though the second group had more than double the study time, they ended up performing just as well as the first group. This is because the first group used active recall while the second group didn’t. 

Therefore, active recall is superior as it can achieve the same results in less than half the time.

And, the Active Recall Revision helps you in remembering things quickly and for a long time. Students who were using active recall method for studying performed a lot better in the concept mapping tests than their competitors.

Here will be explaining 4 very powerful and ultimate active recall strategies which will completely change the way you currently study.

There 4 strategies that you can try it:

1.Creating Flash Cards

The process of creating the flash-cards is perfect for letting yourself know about what you need to remember.

It captures the essence of active recall – put something on one side of the card and ask your brain to conjure up the answer (that’s hidden on the other side!). You can do this in a magnitude of ways – buy a set of empty flashcards from the local store and handwrite out the things you need to study.

Alternatively, you can use apps like Anki or what I use, Quizlet to create digital flashcards that you can study at anytime (like on the bus, or during your work break!)

2. Teaching Someone

Explaining something to someone else will force you to explore that thing from multiple perspectives.  

These will improves your learning process by increasing your metacognitive processing, increasing your use of effective learning strategies, increasing your motivation to learn the material, and increasing your feelings of competence and autonomy.

To take advantage of the protégé effect, you can learn the material as if you’re going to teach it, pretend to teach it to someone, or teach it to other people in reality, or you can use some combination of these techniques.

3. Reading and Remembering

Read short sections and try to remember by repeating 5-10 times while keeping your eyes closed. This is we called to test the memory and brain.

Within closing one’s eyes actually does help an individual recall things in more accurate detail.

4. Practice Testing

Try creating test exams from your notes and textbooks and appear for the test exam that you created without cheating — like usual exams. Using summary notes (or on your initial reading of the topic), you can create a list of questions relating to the content.

This is a really simply way to practice active recall, but requires slightly different preparation to get set up.

Then, whenever you need to do a study session, you can open up your document of questions and practice recalling that information.

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