Heads Up: Pandai Parent has a NEW Feature!

Hey there fellow parents! We are excited to announce a new feature in Pandai Parents: Live Tuition Monitoring!

What is Pandai Parents?

Pandai Parents is part of Pandai application that is designed specifically for parents. It provides parents with access to their child’s learning progress and performance on the application. Through Pandai Parents, parents can monitor their child’s activities, track their scores and achievements, and get an overview of their child’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Pandai Parents also allows parents to stay informed about their child’s educational journey. Parents can receive updates and notifications about their child’s assignments, assessments, and any important announcements from the application.

What’s new?

Parents now can monitor their children’s Live Tuition in Pandai Parents! The new feature called “Live Tuition Monitoring” provides parents with real-time access to monitor their children’s live tuition sessions on Pandai. This feature allows parents to observe the online classes, lectures, or tutoring sessions that their children are attending.

By being able to monitor live tuition sessions, parents can better understand the topics and concepts being taught to their children. They can assess their children progress, engagement level, and overall effectiveness of the tuition sessions. Furthermore, this feature allows parents to identify areas where their child may require additional support or intervention.

Overall, the Live Tuition Monitoring feature empowers parents to actively participate in their child’s educational journey and make more informed decisions regarding their learning. It fosters transparency, collaboration, and a deeper understanding of the educational process, ultimately supporting the child’s academic progress.

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