Hemispheres Of Your Brain: A Closer Look

Right-brained people are imaginative, spontaneous, and artistic, whereas left-brained people are logical, academic, and methodical. Given the acclaim of the theory of “right-brained” and “left-brained” thinkers, it may be surprising to learn that this is only one of several brain myths.

The theory says that people are either right-brained or left-brained, which means that one side of their brain is more important than the other. The theory says that you are left-brained if you think mostly in an analytical and methodical way. If you are seem as a creative or artistic person, you are more right-brained.

This concept in psychology is based on the idea that different parts of the brain are responsible for different tasks. The brain is divided into two parts, both of it serves a different purpose. The muscles on the right side of the body are controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain, whereas the muscles on the left side of the body are controlled by the right hemisphere. Information is processed sequentially and analytically by the left hemisphere of the brain. It is in charge of language and concentrates on the verbal. It converts details into a whole image. The left hemisphere is made for logical reasoning, whereas the right hemisphere processes information intuitively. It places an emphasis on visual aspects and is in charge of attracting attention.

Whether you see yourself as more of a creative or an analytical thinker, you may take steps to maintain your mental capability and wellbeing.

Try To Get Enough Sleep

Your mental health is directly related to how well you sleep. Sleep is thought to be beneficial for memory and brain health since it is during this time that memories are formed and dangerous proteins are flushed out of the brain. The brain is able to go through and store new information and old memories during sleep.

Move Your Body

Try to go for at least 30 minutes activity, such as walking, dancing, or cycling, every day. Physical activity increases the amount of blood that flows to the brain. These benefits come from the increased blood flow to your brain that happens when you exercise. Exercise can also make the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is in charge of memory and naturally shrinks as you get older, bigger.

Maintain Your Mental Activity

Like a muscle, your brain becomes weaker if you don’t use it. The more senses you utilise to learn something, the more of your brain will be engaged in storing the information. There are numerous activities you may engage in to keep your brain in shape, such as quizzes or Scrabble, studying, playing board games, or assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Don’t watch too much TV, since it’s a passive activity that doesn’t do much to keep your brain active.

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