How to Experience Pandai’s Free Trial Classes

Pandai is an online learning platform that offers live virtual classes in a variety of topics for students in Malaysia. Pandai provides free trial classes for new users to try out the platform and experience what their classes have to offer. This blog will walk you through how to sign up for free 7 days trial classes on Pandai in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Register at

The first step is to create an account on Pandai’s website. Go to and click “Sign Up” to make a new profile. You will enter your email, name and password to set up your account. Your account will need to be verified through email.

After registering, check your emails! Pandai will send you the login credentials along with passwords. You can change the password any time.

Step 2: Joining Class

Once your account is ready, start browsing Pandai’s class schedule on class > classes list to see what classes are available on the dates and times that work for you or you can watch the recordings too! 

This is the look of your whole clases. Note that the classes available will be related to your subject. Choose your desired classes on the desired date and time and your desired teacher. Note that when you subscribed to Pandai Premium, you will get all access to tutors and all subjects without any additional charge!.

Once you click your desired class, you can directly join the class link, look at the notes. Or watch recordings of past classes!

My advice for your first class is to come on time, actively participate and avoid disturbing other students. A few minutes before class starts, click on the Classes List, and then click Join the Class as per schedule OR you can watch the recordings. Experience the full class for free!  

In summary, the key steps to experience Pandai’s free trial classes are: create an account, browse the classes, book a trial class, join the live virtual classroom and provide your feedback. Pandai’s premium membership is very affordable at RM96/month full access to ALL SUBJECTS and providing you access to all learning materials too! I.e: Quizzes, Exams, Notes, Live Help and Rewards. 

The price is even cheaper than most of the Tuition Classes you can find outside because the Pandai Premium price goes down to as low as RM3 per day for all subjects! Based on students’ reviews, their instructors are friendly and experienced. For instance, teachers like Sir Azri (Math), Sir Kimi (Physics), Teacher Zahida (English) and Teacher Maria (Add Maths) have received a lot of positive feedback. Check out our blog when you consider online tuition to choose from!

As student Khairunnisaa shared, “The classes are awesome. Pandai Live Tuition is a good initiative and a good compliment to the existing Pandai’s feature. I absolutely love it. I hope Pandai will keep offering more effective features.”  

Premium members also get access to over 350,000 practice questions and tools like flashcards, progress reports and personality tests. I highly encourage you to try one of Pandai’s free trial classes for yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by experiencing Pandai’s interactive and engaging live classes.

After experiencing your first free trial class, you’ll likely want to continue learning with Pandai. Their paid membership options are very budget-friendly monthly subscription plan available. You can cancel anytime without tied down to a contract. Premium users get unlimited access to all of Pandai’s live classes, practice questions and study tools.  

Pandai aims to inspire continuous learning and empower students to achieve mastery in the subjects they’re passionate about. While initially focused on core academic subjects, Pandai continues expanding their class offerings to include skills that will benefit students for life. I hope this overview helps you get started with your learning journey on Pandai.

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