Introducing Pandai Avatar! 🤩

Pandai has released another exciting and fun feature, Avatar!

Students can now choose their favourite Avatar from over 10,000 customised P-Bot Avatars. This fun feature allows students to use their favourite Avatar as their profile picture and many more! Who doesn’t love their own personalised Avatar? Let’s find out more…

How To Grab The Avatars?

You can now buy the exclusive avatars at Pandai Shop with the coins you have collected in your account 💰 . The Avatars will be released from time to time and price for each avatar varies depending on the design.

5 Quick Steps To Grab Pandai Avatars :

  1. Collect coins
  2. Go To Profile
  3. Click On The ” Collections” Tab
  4. Choose Preferred Avatar Design
  5. Click “Buy” To Redeem Avatar

Who Can Buy The Avatars?

Both Premium and Free users will get the chance to enjoy the Avatars. However, Free users will only get access to LIMITED number of designs whereas Premium users will get to access all Avatars!

What makes the Pandai Avatars more special? One Avatar design is Exclusively Limited to only ONE owner! Yes, each user will get to enjoy their very own personalised Avatar like no other!

Start collecting your coins NOW so you can redeem these unique Avatars created exclusively for you! Upgrade to Premium NOW for unlimited number of Avatar designs!

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