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Dear All!

We are proud to announce that Pandai has recently partnered up with Uni Enrol to launch our latest feature : University Matching!

What is University Matching?

University Matching combines technology and human experience to bring personalised info for you, so you can further your study with confidence, no regrets, and peace of mind.

It is open for form 5 students and helps you to easily compare universities for your desired subject/course across 80+ universities. Once you have completed your profile that includes academic results, personal background and preferences, results would instantly calculate the nett fee you need to pay for your courses i.e. the total tuition fee deducted by your highest eligible instant scholarship and your total PTPTN loan amount.

With this feature, you can immediately know which university you can afford based on the final budget required e.g. nett fee to study Computer Science in APU vs. MMU, Medical Science in IMU vs. Manipal Melaka, Psychology in HELP vs. Taylor’s or any courses and university that matches your selected preferences in your profile.

Pandai X Uni Enrol

Credit : Crunchbase, Uni Enrol

Pandai University Matching is a service provided by Uni Enrol.

Uni Enrol is an online platform authorised by more than 70 private universities and colleges in Malaysia to help students choose the right course, save more on education and apply to universities for free. You can choose confidently from your best education options through the service. It has helped more than 1200 students nationwide to enrol into top private institutions with total scholarships worth over MYR 20,000,000. (Uni Enrol Website)

Find your matching universities now! Let’s get to know more about this new feature at
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