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There are a lot of different study methods out there, but do you know that flashcards have remained one of the most popular and effective ones? Flashcards are a traditional method for improving students’ abilities to recall and understand information. Studying with flashcards is highly effective because it engages with active recall. 

What is Active Recall?

Active recall is one of the most important revision techniques because active recall involves retrieving information from our brain, thus strengthening the connection between the knowledge in your brain.

Introducing Pandai Flashcards!Industry professionals specially curated Pandai’s flashcards to ensure that the students understand the core concepts of each subject. The good news is Pandai’s flashcards feature also includes spaced repetition! This technique states that spacing out intervals between studying the same information again will increase recalling that information based on the research by Christopher D. Smith and Damian Scarf.

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Many of the students swear by the flashcard feature as it has proven to help improve your memory and understanding of a concept tremendously. Currently the flashcards are available to all of our Premium users from Year 4-6 and Form 4-5, but fear not because we are rolling out more flashcards for different grades. For Year 4-6 and Forrm 4-5 students, read on to find out how you can ace your next test! 

How to Use Pandai Flashcards?

For premium users from Year 4-6 and Form 4-5 students, you can utilize the flashcards feature by following these few steps.

  1. Go to and log into your account
  2. Go to practice and click into the subject of your interest
  3. Click on the flashcard feature 
  4. Start going through the flashcards at your own pace 
  5. Based on how strong your memory is for the contents, the system will let you know when you should practice the deck again
  6. Come back daily to see what are the flashcards deck recommended for you to practice today 
  7. Repeat the process until you ace your tests πŸ™‚ 

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