Looking back at 2020 – Social Initiatives and Projects at Pandai

2020 is almost over! Perhaps it is a good time to share some of the initiatives that the Pandai team has managed to organise in our first year of operation.

At Pandai, our social mission is to bring quality education in a way that is accessible for most students, regardless of their economic and geographical background.

We believe in working towards the greater good. We believe in benefiting the largest number of students with the highest amount of benefit. In this way, we strive to do social good.
Despite the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we have been active in various educational initiatives in service of our mission. Among them are:

Pandai App Free Account For All, Forever!

Users can download and use the Pandai app for free, with academic content covering all major subjects for students in Year 1 to Form 5. This function will be free forever. With the free account, users can enjoy daily quizzes for all subjects, for all year grades without any limitation.

Pandai at Schools

Pandai at Schools is a free program to introduce Pandai to schools. The pilot project will be launched in the first half of 2021, involving 500 students from 5 schools in Penang. In this project, we will provide free Android devices to students. The students will use Pandai to assess their understanding of school subjects and improve their academic performance.

Pandai Road Tour

Before the MCO in March 2020, Pandai has organized school trips to more than 200 schools around Malaysia to introduce the Pandai App. During the Pandai Road Tour, the Pandai team organises several activities, including quizzes, multimedia presentations, hands-on science experiments, and group games. The Pandai Road Tour is free for schools and covers all states in Malaysia, including Sabah, Sarawak, and Labuan. In total, more than 20,000 students attended these programs.

Pandai Labs

During the MCO, the Pandai team has developed Pandai Labs, an online series featuring science experiments to introduce students to scientific concepts.

Pandai Videos

Pandai Videos is a collection of teaching videos made by Malaysian teachers. The video contents are aligned to the national curriculum and are available to the public on Youtube. The Pandai team has curated the videos and sorted them based on levels, subjects, chapters, and topics, to make it easier for students to learn, especially during the MCO.

These are among the social impacts that Pandai has been working on in 2020.
We hope that these activities will drive our mission — which is to provide access to quality education to students nationwide – forward.

If any organisation would like to partner with Pandai on any social initiatives, please reach out to our team. Happy New Year!

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