NEW LOOK ALERT: Let’s Portray Your Achievements in Pandai in the BEST way!

Hi Young Pandai! School has begun and we’ve been seeing most of you are starting to gain momentum to do revisions in Pandai. Let’s not waste the efforts of yours, we present you with a new look of your Profile page! Now you can proudly announce your achievements to everyone!

Do not be anxious, we’ve also create a settings for you to choose what the public can see in your profile. Just go to

  1. “Manage profile”
  2. “My Page Settings”
  3. And Save
  4. Don’t forget to try viewing as public to check what people can see on your profile

So, what’s New in Profile?

  • We highlight your top performance (Leaderboard rank, Battle Rank, Your Best Subject and so many more!)
  • We created a better privacy management for you (You can show all or even hide all)

Do you know that students’ motivation is intricately linked to their perceptions of their own abilities and the achievements of their peers. Acknowledging and leveraging these factors can enhance overall motivation and academic success! 📚🌟

What are you witing for? Start checking out the new profile look and start filling it in with your best achievements in Pandai. For those who are done, start sharing your Pandai profile today! We wouldn’t know who we might help motivate.

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