NEW! Set Rewards That Best Boost Your Children’s Motivation! 🎁

A child’s positive behaviour can be encouraged with the help of rewards. Your immediate reaction to your child’s behaviour determines the likelihood that the behaviour will be repeated. By offering rewards to your children, they will be more motivated to do what you want them to do. It is optimal for rewards to occur immediately following the desired behaviour.

🎉 Attention To All Parents! Now You Can Set Reward Limits For Your Children! 🎉

In Pandai, parents can reward their children with vouchers from Starbucks, Llao Llao, KFC, Tealive, Shopee and Family Mart. Not just that, but for kids who love to play games, parents can reward Robux for Roblox and Diamonds for MLBB to their kids! This parental control for rewards can only be accessed via Pandai Parents account.  Parents can choose to hide or show rewards in the child’s view. Some parents prefer the game rewards to be hidden as it can lead to the children misusing the voucher, or the games may not be appropriate for their children’s age group. Note that his function only works for Premium users’ parents as e-vouchers are only available for Premium users.

How Does It Benefit Your Children?

Monitoring and allowing only rewards they love for them to claim can help boost your children’s motivation. Not just that, it helps make them more focused and passionate about studying, and it helps train your children to focus on one goal at a time.

How To Set The E-voucher Limit?

  1. Login
  2. Action (Any child) 
  3. Set e-voucher limit 
  4. Parents can use the toggle to show or hide e-vouchers from the child

As easy as that! Register for your children now and boost their motivation and passion for studying. Don’t forget to subscribe to Pandai Premium account to reward your kids with various e-vouchers. 

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