Pandai Crowned Winner of the 2022 HLB Launchpad

Hello everyone!

We have great news to share with you guys. Pandai have been crowned the winner of Hong Leong Bank Launchpad 2022!

On 30th September, Pandai applied for the HLB launchpad 2022, a collaborative effort from Hong Leong Bank with startups companies in Malaysia to accept the challenge of jointly developing unconventional approaches to rethink the banking and financial services sector to be more sustainable. On 18th November, Pandai was listed in the top 6 finalists and proceeded for a pitch presentation.

HLB launchpad 2022 is the fifth iteration of their long-running programme to assist Malaysian entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem. For this year’s theme they are looking for new partners that can offer shared opportunities and a multiplier effect on the economy through the development of talent and high-quality education. They are partnering with Hong Leong Foundation (HLF) for this year’s resolution. 

Hong Leong Bank announced on their facebook last week that Pandai is the honorary recipient along with Accelerate Global as the winners of the HLB launchpad 2022. The winner will take home RM50,000 and will start a mentorship program under Hong Leong Group as well as kicking off the pitched project from the Pandai team called HLB x Pandai @ School. 

Mr. Khairul Anwar, CEO of Pandai felt honoured that his team will be receiving this recognition from Hong Leong Group. He believed that this would be a great opportunity for the company to get the support and guidance from Hong Leong Foundation as well. 

“This honour is a reflection of our team’s perseverance and passion, as well as our determination to use Pandai’s cutting-edge educational technology to have a beneficial societal effect.” He said 

“We see a lot of possibilities for collaboration between Pandai and the Hong Leong company in assisting not only parents and teachers, but also poor children.” 

Mr. Khairul also stated that with the help of Hong Leong, he looks forward to utilizing this recognition to keep changing lives in Malaysia and beyond and to further our aim to use technology to alter the learning environment.

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