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PANDAI HOLIDAY ADVENTURE 2021 #Pandai Daily Funtivities

Proudly Presenting…

#PandaiHolidayAdventure 2021, A special event for School Holidays,
from 14th December – 31st December 2021.


An event special for all Malaysian school students
– brought to you through Pandai Holiday Adventure!

Starts: 14 December 2021
Ends: 30 December 2021

The Pandai Team has put together a dynamic line up for you to have some fun learning this school holiday. Don’t worry, we emphasize on the “fun” – no school books are involved!

For these 3 weeks, get ready to pick up a new hobby or skill from our Pandai experts. All you have to do is go through this schedule and organize your time accordingly.


Note: All sessions will be held from 10AM to 12PM.

How to Join?
1. Log on to and register an account.
2. Head over to the main page.
3. Click on the “Pandai Daily Funtivities” newscard. This will redirect you to Pandai Classroom.

Who Can Join?
Anybody! All Malaysian school students are invited – just be sure you have a Pandai student account. And yes, this is open to even Pandai Basic students! Want to amplify the fun? Be sure to share this event and invite your friends to join you!

EXTRA: Pandai Mobile Explorace

At the end of every session, the speaker will reveal a phrase as a clue to the Weekly Destination. Dear adventurers, keep your eyes open!

Read more & click here to join: Pandai Mobile Explorace🚀

We can’t wait to watch you grow during these funtivities. Who knows, you’ll be able to play a ukulele like a pro, or become a coding master among your friends by the start of next year? Exciting!

See you at Pandai Classroom!

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