PANDAI HOLIDAY ADVENTURE 2021 #Pandai Mobile Explorace


Pandai is taking you on a global explorace this school holiday.
There will be puzzles, challenges and badges to collect.
Complete the Weekly Explorace and solve the Weekly Destination to win.

Do you accept this adventure?

Duration: 14 December 2021 – 31 December 2021 (3 weeks)

Though far apart, the Pandai Team brings this mobile explorace to connect everyone and bring travelling around the world with our gadgets. We would like to take you to 3 different destinations – one each week. But to get there, you must solve Daily Puzzles and figure out which country we are heading to each week.

For all you smart adventurers who get the answers right: prizes and limited edition badges await!

How To Play

A) Timeline

WeekDay 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
14 – 19 Dec
Live OpeningDaily Puzzle 1Daily Puzzle 2Daily Puzzle 3
Answer SubmissionWeekly Explorace Badge 1 RevealWinner Announcement
20 – 26 Dec
Daily Puzzle 1Daily Puzzle 2Daily Puzzle 3Daily Puzzle 4Answer SubmissionWeekly Explorace Badge 2 RevealWinner Announcement
27 – 31 Dec
Daily Puzzle 1Daily Puzzle 2Daily Puzzle 3
Daily Puzzle 4
Answer SubmissionLive Closing & Winner Announcement

B) Daily Puzzles

Keep an eye on Pandai’s social media pages to receive your Daily Puzzle. Treat the puzzles as clues to solve the Weekly Destination.

C) Answer Submission

A link to submit your answer for Weekly Destination will be provided with the announcement of the answering period. Stay updated through our social media pages for further instructions.

D) Weekly Destination & Clues

For each week, there will be a Weekly Destination for you to solve. Collect clues through Daily Puzzles to crack which country is the highlight of the week.

EXTRA: Join Pandai Daily Funtivities, where speakers will reveal a special phrase as a clue, at every end of a session.

Who Can Join?
All Malaysian school students, from Year 1 to Form 5 are invited. To participate, be sure to register as a Pandai student first.

Prizes & Rewards

Week 1Weekly Explorace Badge 1
KFC E-Voucher
Week 2Weekly Explorace Badge 2
MPH E-Voucher
Week 3Weekly Explorace Badge 3
Tealive E-Voucher
Complete all Weekly ExploracesGlobal Explorace Badge
Shopee E-Voucher

How to Win?
1. Register as a Pandai student.
2. Follow our @PandaiOfficial at Instagram/Facebook/TIkTok, Twitter and stay updated for instructions.
3. Complete Daily Puzzles and collect clues.
4. Solve the Weekly Destination and key in the correct answer.
5. BONUS: Complete all 3 Weekly Exploraces.

Terms & Conditions
1. Only registered Pandai students are eligible to participate.
2. Only participants who have completed all 3 Weekly Exploraces are eligible to receive the Global Explorace Badge, Shopee E-Voucher and E-Certificate.

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