Pandai is EAF-Certified!

Hello everyone! 

Good news to us means good news to all of dearest Pandai users too which makes us very excited to share this news. Pandai is now certified by Education Alliance Finland!

Why Finland and What’s EAF?

  • Finland is the 8th most educated country in the world
  • In Education ranking by Countries, Finland has a total score of 1.631K ranking at 3rd position in 2021
  • Finland has the highest ranking in High School Completion Rate
  • World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive study ranks Finland as having the most well-developed education in the world


EAF is a leading international independent EdTech evaluating body. Pandai submitted its platform for evaluation to Education Alliance Finland, an independent international EdTech evaluating body (EAF). With its scientific approach developed by top education experts, EAF is a trusted player in the industry, measuring the effectiveness of educational tools against a comprehensive standard that accommodates the demands of different national curricular and 21st-century skills. Because of their high quality, EAF-certified products are widely used by educators all over the world.

 As of this month, we are proud to announce that Pandai received official certification for the quality of its educational methods. It was not easy but we made it!

The High Educational Quality aspects of Pandai as approved by EAF.
EAF recommended using Pandai for better grades!

So, what does this mean for students, educators and parents?

With this certification, we are even more confident in providing you with educational products that teach and educate the students. Pandai will always strive to be the best education provider for all. To all students, parents, and teachers, do not miss out on trying the Pandai products today! 

To speak with our team about how Pandai products can enhance your grades, contact us here!

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