Put the ‘EARN’ in LEARN: Pandai’s Study Buddies is here!

Learning becomes more enjoyable when you have friends by your side. With Pandai’s Study Buddies, students can now bring their friends along to Pandai Live Tuition and embark on an exciting learning journey together. Not only do they get to expand their knowledge, but they also have the chance to earn valuable rewards. Let’s dive into the details and explore how this innovative program works!

The Gift of Coins

What’s a better way to motivate students than by rewarding them? Both the existing Young Pandai users and their newly invited buddies will receive a generous gift of 250 coins each. These coins can be utilized within the Pandai ecosystem to unlock additional features, content, and exciting benefits.

Embracing New Buddies

To qualify for the Study Buddies program, new buddies must either be new users or new Premium users of Pandai. This opens up opportunities for students to bring their friends on board, enhancing their learning experience while enjoying the perks of the platform.

The Power of Participation

The Study Buddies program encourages active participation and engagement. Both the existing Young Pandai users and their new buddies must attend a minimum of three live tuition sessions after submitting the program’s form. This ensures a commitment to the learning process and allows students to make the most of the interactive live sessions.

Rating and Feedback

Students’ opinions matter! At the end of each live tuition session, both existing Young Pandai users and their new buddies are required to provide ratings for the class. This valuable feedback helps Pandai to continually improve the quality of their teaching and tailor their content to meet the students’ needs.

Fulfilling the Conditions, Reaping the Rewards

Once all the conditions are fulfilled, the coins will be credited to the accounts of both the existing Young Pandai users and their new buddies. It’s a win-win situation, as students not only enhance their knowledge and skills but also gain valuable rewards to unlock even more learning opportunities on the platform.

Pandai’s Study Buddies program brings a new dimension to collaborative learning. By inviting friends to join the Pandai Live Tuition sessions, students can embark on an exciting learning journey while earning rewards together. With the opportunity to expand their knowledge, enhance their skills, and unlock additional features, Study Buddies is a program that encourages students to learn, grow, and succeed in a fun and engaging way. So, gather your friends and dive into the world of interactive learning with Pandai’s Study Buddies program today!

Let’s learn, earn, and grow together!
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