PdPR: Making home-based learning possible for all

During the COVID-19 pandemic, home-based learning was introduced in all schools to make learning as seamless as possible at home, without the need for physical interaction in close proximity to other students.

As time passes, some of the changes introduced during the pandemic not be implemented any longer, as we hope. However, we predict that home-based learning will continue to exist in some part of your child’s education.

Put it simply, home-based learning is having lessons, classroom interaction and lesson materials accessible from home. The school’s home-based learning may also come with a timetable that your child has to adhere to, hence your child will not be doing it at their own pace.

As parents and teacher we’ve taken the time to dissect what home-based learning really is and find out what steps you can take to enable your child to learn better. There are different challenges actually and ways to overcome to face on this home based learning become more meaningful to our children.

However, these changes will keep us safe and learning during these challenging times. They also push us ahead in making learning more efficient and effective.

So, let’s watch the video of interview from Astro Awani to CEO of Pandai Education, Khairul Anwar Mohamad Zaki.

CEO of Pandai Education, Khairul Anwar Mohamad Zaki shares the challenges and ways to make home-based learning or PdPR possible for all Malaysians.

Check out this video here:

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