Smoking Should be Banned in Public Places

This is why–

It harms almost every organ of the body. Cigarette smoking causes 87% of lung cancer deaths and is also responsible for many other health problems. Therefore, exposure to nicotine can have lasting effects on adolescent brain development that can cause children and teens to be short of breath and to have less stamina, both of which can affect athletic performance and other physically active pursuits. reduced lung growth; and early cardiovascular damage.

      In school, we normally see students smuggle cigarettes from their parents at home which leads to disciplinary action which is suspension. 

                    School is a time in which people are making the decisions and creating the habits that will likely stick with them throughout their life. During this time, many students begin smoking, quit, or progress toward stable, dependent smoking. 

However, smokers do have many important reasons to quit as those who do not smoke lead generally healthier overall lifestyles. In order for people to be able to get used to the smoke-free policy, it is best that there are tools for them to use to try and quit, or at least decrease their use and help to control their cravings. Communication was a very important aspect of implementing this policy. 

Parents, they can tell their children honestly and direct the risks of smoking cigarettes or using e-cigarettes or use any type of tobacco product. They should give them clear, consistent messages about the risks of these products. For example, start talking to them about smoking when they are 5 or 6 years old and continue through their high school years. Many kids start smoking by age 11 and some are addicted by age 14. From there, explain the health dangers of smoking, as well as the unpleasant physical aspects such as bad breath, discolored teeth, and nails, and set a good example for the children by not smoking or using tobacco in any form. Parents who smoke are more likely to have children who smoke.

“Oh I will quit when I finish high school”

“My parents know I smoke”

Most teens believe that occasional smoking won’t cause them to become addicted and that, if they become regular smokers, they can stop smoking anytime they want. Teens, however, can become addicted after smoking as few as five packs of cigarettes. Remind your teen that most adult smokers start as teens. Once you’re hooked, it’s tough to quit. Hence, the ban on smoking is a very hard step to be undertaken, especially when the number of worldwide users is billions. Although it places a large burden on nations in treating diseases associated with smoking, it may take a very long time before a ban can work.

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We can do this.

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