You Can Now Compete Against Your Pals In Quizzes!

Are you ready for our new Quiz Battle?

Challenge your friends in quizzes!

Due to your enormous support and love for Pandai’s Gamified Quiz, we are happy to produce more fun features for you! It is free and available for both Free and Premium users in Malaysia. These quizzes focus on the core subjects, Bahasa, English, Mathematics and Science. 

You can challenge your friends and invite them to join Quiz Battle! This is your time to test your speed and compete against your friends. The more you win, the higher rank you will achieve! How exciting! 😊

How To Join “Quiz Battle”?

  1. Login to Pandai app/web
  2. Choose Battle in the menu bar
  3. Choose ‘Start Battle’
  4. Choose either to ;

i. Start a random match or random opponent

ii. Invite a friend through invitation code and share with them!

iii. Enter the invitation code

iv. Start Battle!

We are available on the web!

You can play with friend 1 vs 1 by sending them an invitation code to play together in a real time zone or live too! By answering correctly and as fast as possible, you will beat your opponent and will be listed down in a Special Leaderboard for Battle Champion. Yes, it is that easy!

Not only that, you will earn coins when you win and the winner will get double! This will also raise your grade by just participating in this awesome feature. You can also do a rematch to beat your friend again! 

Wait. What is a rematch? 

By clicking the ‘Play Again’ button, players will be able to battle the same opponent again by answering the same set of questions. The questions will be shuffled so the battle will be won based on speed which can only be done once. These interactive and engaging quizzes not only help students to learn effectively but a great way to lock their attention span with huge range of questions throughout the rounds.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the Battle Champions Challenge and rank in the TOP 10 on the Battle Leaderboard to win RM20 Starbucks voucher! 

The quickest to correctly answer the quiz will win the Challenge! 👏 

Start battling now until 2 October 2022 and defeat all your opponents to make the TOP 10 list! 💪 

Invite your friends to battle TODAY!

Good Luck!

Don’t forget to Log in or Sign Up at 

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