The Rise of Tiktok for Education and “Edu-tainment”

How has the rise of Tik Tok has given a significant impact on students?

Social media apps have become a micro-learning trend and are unlikely hubs for teachers and students! 

Including Tiktok! 

Over the last few years, TikTok has become one of the largest learning platforms in the world. It’s available in over 150 markets and is one of the most downloaded apps in 40-plus countries. On the app, which is available in 75 languages, creators make a variety of short-form videos on everything from cooking hacks to dance moves to crafts and math skills. The hashtag #LearnOnTikTok currently has more than seven billion views.

As traditional education was underway, the focus on standardized learning has become increasingly disconnected from both students and teachers. Therefore, little attention goes toward encouraging the skills and mentality needed for lifelong learning. Here we have, an advanced TikTok educational opens the opportunity to connect with Gen Z in an entirely new way including for educational purposes. For example, TikTok has previously partnered with educational institutions, such as the initiative #EduTok in India, which gained 126.5 billion views on videos across education, motivation, and wellness.

Why Tiktok become such a popular learning platform?

It was designed to make it easy for someone to share information and find an audience. It also empowers teachers of all kinds by giving them a platform independent and a new way to spread information to students which gives a huge impact on them educationally. 

TikTok is a powerful tool for education because it is both a learning platform and a social network. While Tiktok provides access to an essential educational component compared to the previous generation of solo, self-paced online learning, Tiktok can create a true sense of belonging. These are the educational experiences that work best for the teacher and learner and which can bring us into a golden age of learning. 

It is indeed the future! 

The idea is to promote the use of the app to complete an assignment, which engages students on a platform they can relate to and encourages them to understand concepts. It can be used to foster collaboration in group scenarios, and help with peer-to-peer teaching.

TikTok is likely already used by many of our Young Pandai so it makes sense to take advantage of their affinity for the social media platform by using it as part of a learning plan. Like Pandai, it encourages creativity with its amazing features — and is likely understood by our Young Pandai already with its appropriate content. Hence, its a very useful feature for home-based-learning 

That all in mind, this can be a creative way for Young Pandai to have a better way to better engage students both digitally and in the classroom itself.

Learning is fun, and learners are actively engaged!” -Tiktok Users-

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