Top 3 Pandai Features That Will Blow Your Mind!

Educational apps are very interactive for students, especially at a young age. Here in Pandai Education, we aim to provide high quality education to our students. Pandai has been receiving good feedbacks on its convenience as it is accessible anywhere and anytime! It is also an advanced learning method than the traditional paper-pencil, that surely captivates students attention!

We will share the top 3 features in Pandai that have received good feedbacks and that will blow your mind! Keep reading to find out more!

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.” – Jennifer Fleming

1. Gamified Quiz

Image Source : Pandai

This is definitely one of our top features!

Gamified Quizzes or Quizzes by Level are ‘games’ in a form of daily learning quizzes by subject with various levels. It is to help students learn and revise lessons in a fun and active way!

Yes! It is accessible for both free and premium users. However, there is a difference between basic and premium users in ‘Gamified Quizzes’.

⭐️ Basic/Free Users ⭐️ :

☑️ Limited to 5 Lives ❤️

☑️ Response time is limited

☑️ Need to answer according to the ‘Level” provided

⭐️ Premium Users ⭐️ :

☑️ Unlimited Lives ❤️

☑️ Response time is not limited

☑️ Free to answer any ‘level’

2. Live Tuition

Image Source : Pandai

Pandai Live Tuition is conducted every night – where it now has over 20 qualified and experienced tutors covering more than eight subjects, and over 300 students have enrolled in this programme.

It is not only packed with exam tips, but also if you missed or did not understand any subjects in school, Pandai expert tutors are ready to help!

If you want to know, Pandai Tutors are all friendly and approachable. They will ensure the classes conducted are fun, interactive, inclusive and effective. Most importantly, they use high quality materials to teach. So, you don’t have to look for a reference book or spend money to photocopy questions if you want to strengthen your knowledge and get better grades.

Classes are held everyday , 8PM – 9:30PM. And there is no additional fees for Live Tuition once you have subscribed to Premium.

3. Flashcard

Image Source : Pandai

Chosen as one of the most effective methods to study, Industry professionals specially curated Pandai’s flashcards to ensure that the students understand the core concepts of each subject. The good news is Pandai’s flashcards feature also includes spaced repetition! This technique states that spacing out intervals between studying the same information again will increase recalling that information based on the research by Christopher D. Smith and Damian Scarf.

Many of the students swear by the flashcard feature as it has proven to help improve their memory and understanding of a concept tremendously. Currently the flashcards are available to all of Pandai Premium users from Year 4-6 and Form 4-5, but fear not because we are rolling out more flashcards for different grades.

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