9 Best Educational Games for Children that You should know!

What are the Best Educational Games for our children?

Children do love screen time, but if you want your child to do a little less Pokémon chasing and a little more learning, there’s good news! There are a wide variety of educational game apps available, as nowadays self-directed study is an important skill for high schoolers, and effective apps are crucial for reviewing learning materials.

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Educational apps help children acquire the skills they need to perform everyday tasks and future job duties. They also can help to spark children’s interest in topics they otherwise might find boring. Hence, these educational games can develop students’ to take advantage of their strengths and learn at their own pace.

Many of today’s apps for children are combining technology and education to make learning more engaging, interactive, and—dare we say—fun than ever before. 

Let’s see a few of the best educational games sites! 

1. Quizlet

Quizlet makes it easy to prepare for tests by letting you create as many flashcard sets as you want on your phone or computer. It offers different testing methods, such as multiple choice and true/false questions, plus it has millions of sets of games available that students already have designed with amazing audio pronunciation available. 

2. SplashLearn

Splashlearn is the perfect blend of fun and learning. Your children can now play interactive games to build math and reading skills. The games are to motivate children in their learning. It nurtures a fearless learning curiosity among young ones and adapts to children’s evolving needs from reading words to counting and subtracting numbers by playing free interactive online games! This includes motivating rewards and personalized plans!

“How fun! This is much more convenient” -Parents-

3. Boomerang.Asia

Boomerang. Asia provides balanced curricular-based games to compete with among children. These involve inspirational games, predictable routines, and fun activities through play such as Tom and Jerry Puzzle Escape, Tom and Jerry Music Maker, Mr. Bean, and Spot the difference.

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4. TocaBoca

Toca Boca’s range of gender-neutral games aims to restore the concept of pure play with no timers, scores, or scripted scenarios to allow children to explore their creativity and problem-solving skills through virtual world-building toolkits.

5. Endless Alphabet

This application has delightful animations and fun games which teach children letters and definitions that are suitable for young children who are learning the alphabet and trying to build their vocabulary. The game features a range of simple words with colorful characters offering animated descriptions. It also has puzzles for children to learn letter shapes and plenty of audio to help with how letters and words sound.

6. BrainPOP

BrainPOP is home to GameUp, a portal where children can get acquainted with curriculum-based subjects such as science, engineering, and the arts through coding puzzles, creative obstacles, role-playing, and more to develop games for a child’s social and emotional learning skills. 

7. FunBrain

Some games exhibit strong pedagogical properties for teaching core subjects like humanities, mathematics, and sciences.

FunBrain was designed as bite-size games that engage fun visuals and storylines, Funbrain is perfect for hyperactive modern minds and is dedicated to developing your child’s skills in math, reading, and literacy within a safe learning environment.

8. World Rescue

World Rescue, as the name suggests, centers around protecting the world from a wide range of serious issues. The issues are all true to life, making World Rescue a great option for teaching children about real-world problems in a way that isn’t too heavy-handed or scary.

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9. Pandai Edu

For Pandai, we have Quiz Battle which has a lot of interesting reviews among students. As game-based learning that involves competition offers a deeper understanding of concepts to children and helps them become fearless learners. These fun games are created to inspire children and develop competencies, talents, and skills, thus giving them maximum exposure.

On the other hand, educational apps can result in too much overall screen time may lead to distraction and overstimulation. While most of these apps have been around for several years and are highly valued as learning tools, they aren’t a substitute for person-to-person instruction and free play. Therefore, too much screen time might interfere with your child’s ability to learn social skills.

That is why Pandai has Parental Control that can be used to see what your child is doing on their smartphones and tablets. Pandai app can monitor app usage, set limits on screen time, and block children from using certain apps. 

In short, an excellent educational app should have features that allow children to be actively engaged, not get distracted, and connect the app content to their existing knowledge. 

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