How Did Young Pandai Do in 2022?

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since we entered 2023. As we love to study about how our users in order to continually improve the app, we would like to share a few insights that might be interesting for Young Pandai to know about their peers too!

Let’s See How You, Young Pandai, Studied  in the Year 2022

Chart 1: Practice Submission in the Year 2022

The trend for primary school students is seen to increase towards the end of the year until January, with a sudden drop in February. We believe this drop is due to the academic year-end school holiday. 

Meanwhile, the trend for secondary school students is seen to increase towards the end of the year, with a very high increase in January! Perhaps it is due to the final examination season approaching, which is the Final Session Academic Examination (UASA) that started in early January as well as the SPM examination. 

Unfortunately, there was a sudden decrease in trend in February, caused by the academic year-end school holiday that starts in February. The trend for both groups of students is proven to be influenced by the beginning of the examination season.

Quiz Battle Received Lots of Love from Young Pandai! 💚

Chart 2: Engagement with Quiz Battle in 2022

The data recorded on the battle feature began in September 2022 when the launch of the battle feature on Pandai. 

The trend shows an increasing engagement month by month. The usage of the battle feature was the highest in December and January, with a sudden drop in February believed to be due to the academic year-end school holiday. The high increase in December and January is due to the Ujian Akhir Sesi Akademik (UASA) that starts in early January. 

So, what do you guys think? These are the few insights that we think might be interesting for you. Should we share more? Continue to read in our blog to check if we have more posts like this next time!

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