Unlock Valorant Points with Riot Cash From Pandai!

Our e-learning approach incorporates captivating media elements like animations, videos, infographics, and audio clips. In e-gaming content, knowledge is seamlessly integrated into the game itself. Students learn by applying their knowledge in real-time, making the learning experience more effective. With games, they’ll have fun, boost their self-esteem, interact socially, solve problems, strategize, and unleash their imagination—all while striving for victory.

Starting from today, Pandai Premium students can redeem Valorant’s Riot Cash from Pandai! You would need to collect 400 coins to redeem the Riot Cash RM19.90 Digital Gift Card for Valorant. This entitles you to get 375 Valorant points in your account! Is it hard to collect Pandai coins? The answer is NO! You will earn coins when you submit quizzes and complete daily challenges or provided tasks in Pandai. In other words, while using the Pandai App, you will have so much fun and collect coins along the way!

How To Redeem?

  1. Go to UNIPIN website and login by your email (Email will be used to receive the serial number) 
  2. Choose to top up by UNIPIN voucher. 
  3. Enter serial number and pin and click confirm.
  4. Go to History by searching for Valorant in the unipin website. 
  5. Choose payment channel ‘Unipin Credits’.
  6. You’ll be prompt for security pin and then click confirm. You’ll receive an email to view the item. 
  7. Copy the PIN you received in Gmail.
  8. Click on the point icon on the top right (Pls watch the video if you’re unsure), it will lead you to select purchase methods page. 
  9. In this page, choose Prepaid Cards & Codes, and enter the PIN you copied from your Gmail account and submit!
  10. Now you received 375 Valorant points in your account. 

Terms & Conditions :

  1. The e-Voucher is only available for PREMIUM students
  2. You can only redeem 600 coins each month. 

Isn’t it easy? What are you waiting for? Subscribe to Premium NOW to start earning coins!

Redeem Pandai e-Vouchers here!

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