How To Create A Saving Habit In Your Child

Saving money is important for saving a college fund and building a financial foundation. But it takes time to build those savings. While you can’t force your kids to save money, you may be able to teach them how to save. Some parents are uncomfortable talking about finances with kids so young, but if you make it a part of their routine, you’re more apt to keep them from making missteps when it comes time for grown-up money matters. Here are some money-saving tips that parents can teach their children.

1. Have A Savings Account

There’s a lot of discussion on the importance of teaching your children to manage their money. But what does that really mean?

It means having your child set up their own bank account, and then guiding them through the process of accessing their account online. It means giving them a sense of financial independence. It means giving them the ability to conduct transactions as they see fit, and—most importantly—enabling them to save for big-ticket items, like school fees or a vacation.

You might think that opening up an account is all about being able to spend money; but it’s actually much more than that. It’s important because it helps children understand about the value of saving for things that are important to them. They’ll learn how much money it takes to pay for something like school fees or a pair of new shoes, and how long it takes to earn enough money in order to buy those things (and how long those things will last!).

2. Talk About The Difference Between Wants And Needs

As a parent, it is important to help your children understand the importance of saving money. This is because it will help them in the future when they have to pay for their own needs and wants. The first step in teaching children the significance of saving is to educate them in understanding between wants and needs. Explain that basic needs include food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and education. You may also ask them about household stuff to emphasise the idea. For example, point out things in their area and ask whether the object is a need or a want. This allows you to express the concept of prioritising your expenses and saving some money for future purposes.

3. Make Space for Mistakes

Giving children financial responsibility is a crucial component of helping them to grow up and become independent. However, as with any major responsibility, it is tempting to interfere and guide children away from potentially expensive errors.

But parents must resist this urge! It is often helpful to use the misstep as a teachable moment. In the future, they will know what not to do with their money.

4. Set A Good Example

The best way to let your kids understand about savings is to practice what you preach. Better way to do that by showing them that you’re always open to learning and growing.

It is okay to make mistakes with your spending as long as you can make them into a teachable moment. Showing your children that you’re always striving for improvement and always willing to learn is one of the best ways to set a good example when it comes to money.

Another way to set a good example is by giving age-appropriate examples of what you spend—and why. If you want your children to understand why it’s important for them not just to save money and also how much they need to save in order for their financial goals, then give them an idea of how much those things might cost.

Teaching children how to save money should be a process that is both enjoyable and valuable, and teaching personal finance skills to your children can turn out to be both. You can never know what the future holds for them, or how they may or may not apply these lessons in the future. However, you’ll teach them valuable lessons about how to handle their own finances when they begin to live their adult lives. Other than that, parents can support their kids by teaching them to value something that is paid for them. For instance, utilising Pandai account after their parents subscribed the premium account for them. Also, children can be rewarded in Pandai with coins and voucher!

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