Introducing New Feature : Pandai Personality

We are excited to announce we have launched our latest interesting feature, Pandai Personality!

What is Pandai Personality?

Pandai Personality helps our users to find their unique personalities. They will get to know what are the effective ways to study and their potential careers according to their courses. It is open for standard 4 – form 5 students.

What do you need to do?

You would just need to answer 50 questions in 30 minutes to discover your unique personality! Premium users can come back for reassessment after a month. And remember, don’t cheat when you are answering the questions. Be as truthful as possible to get the most accurate result. How easy is that?

Product Details

It will help you to discover your ONE true personality out of the 5 personalities below based on the 50 questions answered:

  • Visual – Spatial / Visual – Ruang
  • Naturalist / Naturalis
  • Linguistic – Verbal / Verbal Linguistick
  • Logical-Mathematical / Logik-Matematik
  • Interpersonal

What are the benefits of Pandai Personality

  • Highlights individuals’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifies interests and skills
  • Helps students to prepare ahead for career (competitions, extracurricular activities, volunteering etc.)
  • Improves grades with the right study method
  • Designed and developed by psychometrician KPM (personality is developed by a member of Malaysia’s psychology department & Counselling)

Join our Get To Know Yourself Challenge from 25 Feb – 16 March 2022 to win a lucky draw!

10 Lucky Winners will get our exclusive vouchers!

So, upload a selfie with your personality result on your social media NOW and stand a chance to win the lucky draw! T&C apply.

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