Nervous? Here’s how to get Exam Ready!

Exams are near! And we can hear your nervous heartbeats from here 😱

But, don’t worry! Here’s a study tip that works #FastLikeTheTiger.

Pandai’s Year-End Exam mock papers will get you feeling ready and confident in no time! 🐯

Here’s why:
1. It has a built-in timer.

We know this will be helpful, especially for those who are pressured by the not-so-helpful advices like “you must only use 1 minute per question if you want to complete it on time!” Now, just chuck aside that worry and start on a subject! With a few rounds of practice, you’ll definitely be able to beat the clock to the finish line during your exams!

2. It’s an easy and quick way to go through most topics

In any exam practice, a set of questions will cover most to all topics in a subject. So, coverage – check ✅
And, as a bonus from Pandai, each question comes with its own comprehensive explanation – like why the answer is right or wrong, what does it mean, additional quick references, etc.. So, extra points to help understand and remember easier – double check ✅✅
This is an absolute plus side because you don’t need to go through lengthy textbooks, cover to cover, to revise anymore. Just swiftly go through our exam papers! After a day’s worth of practice, it will most probably be a sufficient A-Z revision effort!

What a tiger-ific solution, right?

Now, how can you access these papers?

  1. Login to your Pandai account.
  2. Choose Practice from the menu bar.
  3. Choose a subject.
  4. Choose term exams.
  5. Choose a paper to start on.

Here’s how the journey looks like on the app:

Yes, it’s as simple as that!

There’s nothing else to wait for. Time to scare your pre-exam jitters away with Pandai’s Year-End Practice Papers, TODAY! And ace that exam. You go, tiger! 😉

Pssst. Don’t forget to tell your friends all about this, too!

Pandai’s Year End Exam practice papers are available for all subjects and levels, for all Pandai Premium students.
Let’s #GOPremium.

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