Pandai Is Now A Smart Revision App!

Yes! You hear it right!

Pandai is now a Revision/Practice App/Ulangkaji App

Pandai is much more than just a digitalised exercise book.

1. Messaging

We have improved a lot of Features like personalization in our gamification section. This is to identify the students’ capability in pinpointing the challenges and motivate them to be more excited while learning! 

2. Product Navigation

Next, we are focusing more on the features like Quizzes, Topical Tests, Examinations Live Tuition. And of course we are upgrading other features!

Also, the Score Card, Report Card, and Profile Reward will have more input to make the parents alert even more about the child’s progress and how well they learn throughout the months with certain subjects.

How awesome!

3. Resources 

We also are currently focusing on improving our features, especially Live Tuition. Rather than just teaching, tutors will form a communication with students that underlines the time frame and the methods on carrying out the given homework. For example, our tutors will revise the questions that were given in school rather than discuss them thoroughly in class. This is because by practicing the questions together, students can remember better. 

4. Launching Soon!

Wah more exciting news?

Pandai is also currently inventing Quiz Battle as one of our features. We have tested it out at SMK Tasek Utara in Johor Bahru on the 13th of September.  How exciting!

We will also reorganize the homepage to make it clearer for the new users and revamp the chapter to improve our form and structure. This will appear much more personalized learning experience and hopefully, the content will be delivered to our students effectively!

Add more Chinese Language content!” – Pandai Users –

Say less!

We are now adding Chinese Language content to communicate better with our 400,000 thousand students! This will encourage more best practices for Mandarin immersion including core concepts in main subjects!

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