Pandai School Holi-YAY To Beat The Boredom!

Hi Parents! Hi Students! 👋

We’re halfway through 2022, and you know what that means; the holiday season is rolling in. It’s School’s out, everyone! 📣

When the long-awaited school holiday starts, kids are a bundle of joy and excitement at the prospect of what fun it will bring. So, if you want your children to have fun and memorable school holidays?

Catch up with us to join our exciting program this time!

A special event for School Holidays,
from 7th June – 10th June 2022.
Free & Special for All Malaysian School Students


Starts: 7 June 2022
Ends: 10 June 2022

For this 1 week, get ready to pick up a new skill & knowledge from our Pandai experts through LIVE Special Talkshow & Daily Funtivities in Pandai School Holi-Yay programme.

Various exciting activities can help you to enjoy yourself during this school holiday. Don’t worry, we emphasize on the “fun” – no school books are involved!

All you have to do is organize your time accordingly to follow the schedule below.


Note: Links to Live Announcement School Holi-Yay!:
Links Talkshow: What’s Next After SPM & Let’s Talk About Careers: Youtube & Facebook Pandaiofficial

How to Join?

1. Log on to and register an account.
2. Head over to the main page.
3. Click on the “Talk Show” &  “Pandai Daily Funtivities” Newscards / Poster Activity. This will redirect you to Pandai Classroom.
4. Join!

Who Can Join?

Anybody! All Malaysian school students are invited – just be sure you have a Pandai student account. And yes, this is open to even Pandai Basic students! Want to amplify the fun? Be sure to share this event and invite your friends to join you!

We can’t wait to watch you grow and learn something new during these Pandai School Holi-Yay! 

See you soon! It’s going to be FUN!

Log in or register at or;
Download Pandai Now on Google Play or App Store.
Don’t forget to follow Pandai on social media too

FB: @pandaiofficial
Twitter: @pandaiofficial
Tiktok: @pandaiofficial

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