Redeem Pandai e-Vouchers With Coins!

It’s out! You can now redeem your e-Vouchers in Pandai App!

Think about it, isn’t it fun to reward yourself with gifts after you study? Pandai is giving you that opportunity now! Start earning your rewards when you learn with Pandai!

How To Redeem e-Vouchers?

Easy peasy! e-Vouchers can be redeemed with coins by :

  1. Submitting quizzes
  2. Fulfilling assigned tasks

What are the available e-Vouchers that can be redeemed?

Terms & Conditions :

  • e-Voucher redeem is open for Premium users only
  • Limit use of 300 coins per month and per user to redeem eVoucher
  • e-Vouchers are subject to availability

Steps to redeem e-Vouchers :

  1. Open Pandai app / Login to
  2. Go to “Learn” & choose “Rewards” / Go to “Rewards”
  3. Choose “eVoucher”
  4. Choose any eVoucher and click Claim
  5. Use the voucher when making payment at the outlets

Isn’t is amazing? You can now reward yourself with these e-Vouchers after a day of studying!

Ohh and we also have more rewards coming soon! 😊

Start earning more coins with Pandai and redeem your vouchers here : Redeem e-Voucher

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