How To Easily Earn Your First 100 Coins?

Getting your first 100 coins in Pandai is not that hard. 

And the coins that you earned can be used to redeem various great rewards like Roblox promo codes? Opps! I’ve spoiled the surprise. 

Never mind, read on!

In the Rewards > Claim Coins page, we prepared various challenges from the easiest level to the hardest for all users to complete. Once you complete a task, you can claim a great amount of free coins! And the coins earned can be used to redeem rewards.

Hmm, confused about which challenge to start with? Let me suggest a few challenges. I promise, only the easiest ones for you. Don’t be surprised that by the end of you completing all these challenges, you would have already earned 100 coins. Boom, magic!

Tips on how to earn 100 coins

Redeem Rewards from Pandai with Your Coins!

This is the best part of learning with Pandai! With the coins that you’ve earned, you are able to redeem extremely great rewards from us!
Go to the Rewards page, choose either eVoucher or Avatar to be claimed or redeemed with your coins, follow the redeem instructions and enjoy your rewards! Easy-peasy!

Special news, Pandai wil come out with more types of rewards soon! Stay tuned!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s LEARN to EARN great rewards with Pandai!

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