Money Smarts for Kids with Pandai & Prudential!

Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) has teamed up with Pandai Education to equip students with vital money wisdom recently. Now the kids can dive into the world of financial smarts through the Cha-Ching financial literacy curriculum, available on the Pandai App. It’s all about helping these young minds grow their understanding of money matters.

You might be wondering, what’s Cha-Ching? Well, it’s a cool program that teaches kids about money in a unique approach. Created by Prudence Foundation and managed by PAMB in Malaysia, this award-winning financial literacy program aims to show kids the fundamentals of managing money. Think of it as planting the seeds of money-savviness early on. PAMB has been spreading the Cha-Ching curriculum to around 151,865 students in 1,031 schools across 7 states since 2016.

The Cha-Ching program, a brainchild of Prudence Foundation, is all about equipping kids with essential money skills from an early age. Managed by PAMB in Malaysia, it’s a testament to the commitment of these organizations to nurturing financial intelligence among the youth.

But that’s not all – enter us, Pandai, the online learning app that’s all about helping school kids aged 7 to 17 learn and up their grades through fun lessons that follow Malaysia’s curriculum.

Pandai has reimagined learning by merging education with entertainment, offering students a chance to excel academically while embracing life skills. The collaboration between these two forces is set to make waves, granting more than 625,000 young learners access to lessons that will stay with them long into adulthood.

With this collaboration with Pandai Education, more than 625,000 young learners using the Pandai platform can enjoy free access to 6 Cha-Ching lesson plans. These lessons cover the basics of money management and come with catchy Cha-Ching music videos, hands-on activities about earning, saving, spending, and donating, plus some quizzes to test what they’ve learned.

According to Eric Wong, Chief Marketing and Partnerships Distribution Officer at PAMB, this partnership is all about making sure Malaysian families and kids have the knowledge and confidence to make smart financial choices. It’s like giving them a head start on living a savvy financial life.

Marc Fancy, the brains behind Prudence Foundation, believes that these kinds of collaborations help build a better future for the next generation. After all, the Cha-Ching program has been teaching kids money skills for over a decade now, and this partnership is a step towards supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

In a world where financial literacy is becoming increasingly important, the collaboration between Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) and Pandai Education Sdn Bhd shines as a beacon of knowledge and empowerment for young minds. Through the dynamic Cha-Ching financial literacy curriculum and the innovative Pandai App, Malaysian primary school children now have a unique opportunity to learn about money management while having fun.

Suhaimi Ramly, Chief Operating Officer of Pandai, says that while their app focuses on boosting academic skills, teaming up with PAMB adds that extra oomph of life skills to the mix. And he’s right – knowing how to manage money is a skill that sticks with you through adulthood.

Thus, as we embark on this learning adventure with Cha-Ching and Pandai, let’s remember that knowledge is power, and financial savvy is an invaluable gift we can offer our children. Together, we’re building a generation that’s ready to make informed choices and navigate the complex world of finances with confidence. 

Prudential Financial Literacy Courses

Get the essential financial skills through our specialized program. Tailored for both Primary School (Cha-Ching) and Secondary School (Duit Right Plus) students, this course focuses on cultivating early financial management preparedness.

  • This course is all about teaching and guiding school students on early preparation of financial management
  • Primary School Students (Cha-Ching) and Secondary School Students (Duit Right Plus)
  • Students to complete all tasks, pass all assessments to receive program certificate
  • Need to register a Pandai account first to take this course
  • Open to all FREE and PREMIUM users
  • May complete this course at your own pace

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