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The Pandai Discord server is created to nurture a learning community among young people! It covers a wide range of uses, from chatting about hobbies and personal stories to talking about school topics and providing strong help for the Pandai App!

What is Discord?

Discord is a flexible communication app, offering text, voice, and video chats. With users mostly 13 and above, it’s a place to connect with friends and like-minded people. It works for small groups and bigger communities, letting users control how they interact. Discord stands out by letting people be themselves, chatting about their interests and making real connections.

What are Pandai Discord Channels and How Do They Work?

Pandai’s Discord offers a variety of channels tailored to diverse user interests. Our server features News updates, Activity and Events notifications, Study Sessions, casual Chit Chat, and a Help Channel. These community favorites cater to different needs. Curious about each channel’s purpose? No problem! Let’s take a quick look at what each of them is all about.

⭐ News and Updates

Think of these two channels as a magic scroll bringing thrilling news and captivating info to all Young Pandai server members. 🪄📜 Got a new event? We’ll spread the word! Special deals? We’ll share them! It’s where our Young Pandai users can always find extra details. And the Did-You-Know Channel? It’s all about surprising facts that make everyone say, ‘Wow, I never knew that!’ 🤯🧠

⭐ Activities & Events

The “Activities and Events” channel is the heart of all the fun – like the main stage where the fireworks of excitement never stops! Here, the Pandai team will conduct various activities such as Pandai PBot Hunter, posting weekly quizzes, and inform any game related updates! You also stand a chance to earn some coins while you’re at it!

⭐ Study Session

Well, to be ‘Pandai’, studying is key, right? In the Young Pandai Club, the study session channel acts like your virtual library or study group spot. The main goal is to offer a special area for individuals or groups to concentrate on learning, studying, and swapping educational materials.

⭐ Chit-Chat 

It’s a place for support and making friends. Whether someone’s having a tough day or sharing a victory, Young Pandai can turn to the chit chat channel for digital high-fives and virtual hugs! In this channel, there’s no need for fancy attire or strict manners. It’s where you can be yourself, relax, and relish the joyful mix of conversation.

⭐ Help 

This is a special area in a Discord server where Young Pandai can ask for help and get support from the helpful Pandai team. In this helpful help channel, it’s not just about fixing issues; it’s like an exciting journey, where each question uncovers something new and every challenge is a chance to learn and improve.

Privacy and interaction safety

Parents’ worries about online safety are important, and Discord takes steps to deal with these concerns. Although Discord is for users aged 7 to 17, parents should help their kids use it responsibly. The Young Pandai Club promotes talking about smart online behaviour using filters for words & links, making sure everyone knows about right language, privacy settings, blocking and reporting, and the possible problems with public servers.


Young Pandai Club Discord also offers many interesting events from time to time. Of course the events will vary, whether it be more educational or fun! Here are some of the events that Young Pandai has conducted!

Ukulele Funtown Day: It’s a lively virtual event where ukulele enthusiasts and Young Pandai who are interested in playing ukulele come together to strum, sing, and celebrate the sweet sounds of the ukulele. 

Merdeka P-Bot Avatar Contest: One of the latest events organized by the Pandai team! The objective of the “Merdeka Pbot Avatar Contest” is to celebrate Malaysia’s Merdeka Day in a fun and creative way. This contest aims to foster creativity, showcase patriotism, and bring the Young Pandai community together in a festive and artistic manner.

How to join Young Pandai Club

  1. Click on the provided Discord invite link: .
  2. Create a new Discord account or log in if you have one.
  3. Join the Server: After logging in, the server’s invite page opens. Enter your display name and hit “Continue” or “Accept Invitation.”
  4. You’ll find the joined server on your Discord sidebar under “Servers.” Click its name to access channels and discussions.
  5. Great! You’re part of the ‘Young Pandai Club’ server. Engage and discuss!
  6. Review the ‘WELCOME & RULES’ section for community guidelines.
  7. Have a question? Ask on the #help channel!

Join our Young Pandai Club Discord and participate in the weekly quiz to test your knowledge and win Pandai coins!

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