The 6 Note Taking Skills Every Students Should Master

In a fast-paced world where information travels at the speed of light, note taking skills can make all the difference between effective and ineffective learning. Students can perform way better if they master the art of note taking. In this regard, we want sharing the 6 important note taking skills students need.

Note taking skills summarized in the handy acronym LISTEN. Listen stands out for :

  • L:Lead
  • I: Ideas
  • S: Summarize
  • T: Talk
  • E: End
  • N: Notes

1- Lead:
Lead entails doing course reading ahead of time and being prepared for the lecture topic.

2- Ideas
Seize upon main ideas instead of writing everything down.

3- Summarize
Summarize the most important information and significant ideas in your own words within 24 hours of each lecture.

4- Talk
Talk to your teacher and classmates to discuss ideas.

5- End
End each lesson or lecture by reviewing and summarizing notes, identifying any problems that you might need to ask about.

6- Notes
Take down only essential points and listen for signal words or important concepts.

Besides, you can also use this method as the picture below. Good luck.

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