Top 7 Tips To Kick Stress Out For Students!

According to a study, 30% of students in Malaysia are depressed, anxious and always overwhelmed; which affect their academic performance. This stressful environment can be challenging especially in school, while participating in extracurricular activities or even managing responsibilities at home. Hence, students should prioritise their mental health to increase their health-related behaviour.

1. Fix your sleeping pattern!

Source : Health Lab Blog – Michigan Medicine

Students often experience sleep deprivation due to assignments and deadlines that make them less productive. Stick to a sleep schedule is indeed important to have a good quality of sleep as it allows our brain to recharge and function properly. Students who always pull all-nighters to finish their tasks or prepare for final exams will unfortunately have insomnia.

2. Manage your time wisely

Source : Zen For You

By having a good time management, you can relax and focus on the important things more than the less important ones. Thus, allocating yourself to work on your tasks better. For example, some would prefer to schedule their time by using colorful sticky notes and pens. You know, keep it minimalist!

3. Diet? Veggies?

Source : MedicineNet

Diet does not mean only consuming vegetables. Focus on your nutrition intake. Avoid food that can kill your appetite and choose a balanced diet that produces endorphins and can prevent you from weight gain.

4. Let’s exercise!

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Daily exercise is recommended for everyone. These days, there are a lot of Apps to help people stay fit. It’s easy and effective! However, students can also get involve in a fitness society to discover their capabilities and improve their mental health by communicating with people outside their comfort zone.

5. Movie time!

Source : Freepik

Who does not enjoy Netflix? Everyone does! Most students don’t prefer to talk to other people about their problems. Hence, make time for yourself and binge watch some series on the weekends! Have you heard of “Vecna” or “Dungeons & Dragons”? Screening time is not enjoyable for you? No worries! Music can stimulate your brain and helps you to calm down. You just need to find a way to stay focused and relieve stress.

6. Think positive!

Source :

Being an optimist person helps to create a better environment and better circumstances in your life! Therefore, do a daily positive affirmation to yourself as simple as “you can do it!” to have better health and even better grades!

7. Look for connection

Source : The Verge

A solid support system is very important because in the end, we need someone as a friend to help you feel safe and calm without feeling isolated. A company will always be a good idea to feel welcome and included.

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