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Next week exams will be over and school is out 🥳

Are you looking for a meaningful and productive week for your children?

✨Introducing✨ Daily Funtivities 4.0 by Pandai

from 5 Sept till 9 Sept 2022.

Free & Special for All Malaysian School Students

Join us where students can “Escape The Reality” while joining an exciting Summer. Learning with lots of educational events “All-Around-The-World”. School Break is the perfect time to explore a new hobby. With the Internet, it is easier than learning something new. The break from school gives them a lot of opportunities to play and take a breather from homework and other school assignments.

We brought to you “Pandai School Holiday Programs” to keep your children entertained!

Wonders of Turkey

Turkish Folk Dance . Photo Credit : Wikipedia

For this activity, students will learn about a multi-religious and multi-ethnic Turkish community that consists of a deep understanding of clothing, food, and traditional game that have been practiced from generation to generation. Since ancient times, the clothing perspective has been portrayed as a norm in the life of the Turkish community.

Namaste India

Taj Mahal . Photo Credit : Wikipedia

Indian Culture will be presented in regards to its demography, geography, national symbols, attire, food, and language with a focus on basic conversational Tamil Learning. This is to discover the amazing Indian culture that can empower your knowledge even deeper.

Aloha peeps! It’s Hawaii

Hula Dance . Photo Credit : Citabeille

In this program, students will learn about Hawaiian popular phrases and fun facts in general. Also, they will learn how to make their own popular Hula skirt, flower necklace, crown and bracelet worn by Hawaiian themselves.

Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang, Di Sini Hati Terpaut

Photo Credit : Utusan Sarawak

This program will reveal and explore the ethnic culture of the Borneo Islands, especially the Dayak people. The coverage will include language, fashion and dance, food, and traditional musical instruments. The whole program will elaborate more on the invention slots and the symbol of the device to the nation.

China, Huan Ying

Traditional Moon Cake . Photo Credit : The Chinese Quest

In this program, we will deeply discuss how traditional Chinese festivals are celebrated and the legend of the festival. There will be demonstrations of steps for making Traditional Chinese desserts as well.

Terra Do Brazil

Martial art , Capoeira. Photo Credit : Martialartslab

The objective of this program is to expose students to a country in South America, Brazil which is the fifth largest country in the world. Brazil has diversity like wildlife, natural environment, and natural resources that will be discussed from the point of view of language, geography, demographics, and culture. We will be focused on martial arts and students will have the opportunity to produce masks in conjunction with the Karneval party.

Ahlan wa Sahlan Emirates

Dubai Sahara Desert Safari at night. Photo Credit : Viator

This session will be introducing a unique Arab country that has its own culture that consists of its own food, clothes, and language. We will look into Emirati food, traditional outfits, culture, and desert life.

Penyu VS Kijang

Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu. Photo Credit : Dalectzx

In this program we will be collaborating with Teacher Nurul & Sir Faizol to know more about the East Coast states of Kelantan & Terengganu. They will be introducing various cultures of the state; traditional arts, interesting destinations and also learning the dialect. They will also focus on the history of the heroes and how the land was exploited.

Spain: The Land of Arts

Flamenco Dance. Photo Credit : BBC

The program will consist of Basic Spanish pronunciation, common words, and phrases. We will start with the alphabet and progress to more advanced topics like numbers and counting as well as some common Spanish dance steps and preparing simple Spanish food.

Bonjour! France

French pastries. Photo Credit : Go Ahead Tours

In this program, students will learn about France’s history and its culture including popular food, arts, do’s, and don’ts in France. They will also learn the Basic French language and how to make bread and style them creatively.

Wow! Aren’t these activities sound so exciting? Don’t worry, we have made a schedule for you to follow. In case you want to plan your time during this school holiday. We know that some of you might have planned something already. But you can always enjoy doing these activities even if you are not at home.

Pandai Daily Funtivities 4.0 Schedule
Pandai Daily Funtivities 4.0 Schedule

Start planning for your children’s school holiday activities now! It is FUN, exciting and productive! Oh and we emphasised on the word “FUN” a lot cause books won’t be involved in these activities. 😊 More reason to JOIN!

Check out the video below for more information :

How To Join?

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2. Head over to the main page.

3. Click on the “Pandai Daily Funtivities” Newscards / Poster Activity. This will redirect you to the Pandai Classroom.

4. In every program that you join, you will receive 10 Travelling Badges where each badge represents every country that involves.

5. Have Fun!

How to Make the Most Out of the School Holidays?🧐

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