#1 Online Learning Platform is now available for annual subscription!

Hi Young Pandai! Pandai recently celebrated its 4th anniversary as the number #1 learning platform in Malaysia! Various achievements have been accomplished, all thanks to the support of every Young Pandai!

Check out Pandai Wrapped 2023 here!

So, in conjunction with Pandai’s anniversary this time, we would like to introduce a special new package for all Young Pandai out there!


This promotion is different from others because of the 17% discount off of the regular price FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR! Not only that, you will also receive 200 FREE coins in your Pandai account when you subscribe to this promotion AND – there’s more!

Exclusive Pandai Merchandise for every first registration!

Premium Lite SubscriptionMerchandise OfferingPremium Lite Subscription
200 CoinsCoins200 Coins
βœ…Limited Edition Pandai Tee (Green)❌
βœ…Limited Edition Canvas Pouch❌
βœ…Limited Edition Canvas Totebagβœ…
βœ…Pandai Black Hardcover Notebook❌
βœ…Pandai Cool Pin❌


Pandai Premium 1 Year Package (Auto Subscription)
❌ Regular Price: RM1152
βœ… Special Package Price: RM960

Pandai Premium Lite 1 Year Package (Auto Subscription)
❌ Regular Price: RM360
βœ… Special Package Price: RM300

Why Choose Pandai Premium?

  • Unlimited Learning Access
    With Pandai Premium, students can have unlimited access to various high-quality materials, covering various topics and over 10 offered subjects.
  • Direct Guidance
    Students can get direct assistance and guidance from Pandai tutors who are not only experienced but also experts in their respective fields, ready to help address learning challenges, provide advice, and ensure that every question gets an explanation.
  • Personalized Learning
    One distinctive feature of Pandai Premium is personalized learning based on each student’s ability level. Learning within the Pandai app is flexible and tailored to individual abilities and needs.

More Information for Parents about Pandai!

What other Pandai packages available?

Pandai offers three different type of packages: Pandai Premium, Pandai Lite, and Free!

All Available SubjectsAll Available SubjectsAll Available Subjects
Automatic GradingAutomatic GradingAutomatic Grading
Correct AnswerCorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
Detailed Explanation with Work StepsDetailed Explanation with Work StepsDetailed Explanation with Work Steps
Fifty Levels of QuizzesFifty Levels of QuizzesFifty Levels of Quizzes
Report & SummaryReport & SummaryReport & Summary
Unlimited Coins
and Lives
Unlimited Coins
and Lives
Answer Quiz without
Answer Quiz without
Skipping QuizSkipping Quiz
Topical Test & ExamsTopical Test & Exams
Sample PapersSample Papers
Analysis Report
by Subject
Analysis Report
by Subject
Online Tuition
with Recording
– All Subjects
Assessment on
All Classes
1-on-1 Tutor
via Chat
Premium Support
Homework Help
Study Group
Pandai Subscription Package

Unlock unlimited access to high-quality materials, receive direct guidance from experienced tutors, and enjoy personalized learning tailored to your abilities.

How to subscribe to one of these plans?

You can subscribe to one of Pandai Plan monthly or with our brand new plan – annually!

SubscriptionPandai LitePandai Premium
MonthlyRM30RM120 RM96
YearlyRM300RM1152 RM960
Pandai Subsciption Plan

Let’s grab the opportunity to learn without limits and embark on a year of educational excellence! Senang je nak Pandai!

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