Pandai Lab 10 : Self-inflating Experiment

Have you tried any vinegar and baking soda experiment? This time, our experiment is also easy and exciting to watch. Self-inflating experiment also known as STEM project. You can see the reaction between vinegar and baking soda on one time.

This simple activity will explore the air pressure concept too. It was fun and can be done at home. Here the details for experiment:

Date: 1 December 2020
Title: Self- Inflating Experiment
Materials: balloons, water bottle, baking soda, a spoon & vinegar

1. Pour 1-2 spoonfuls of baking soda into the opening of the balloon, using a spoon.
2. Then, pour some vinegar into the plastic bottle until it is about an inch or two deep. Exact amounts do not matter.
3. After that, carefully stretch the opening of the balloon that has baking soda inside. Stretch the balloon around the mouth of the bottle leaving it hanging down until you are ready for the reaction.
4. Use a spoon to stir the food coloring into the oil. It will not mix, but stirring will help to break the food coloring into smaller droplets.
5. Now, when you are ready to see the chemical reaction happen, lift up the balloon allowing the baking soda to fall down into the bottle.
6. You might see the balloon will self-inflate. It is awesome.

What makes this possible and happened?

From the experiment, you might see a reaction happened. Baking soda and vinegar create an awesome chemical reaction. When the vinegar and baking soda combine there is a reaction between an acid and a base. The gas from combining the two will cause the balloon to inflate. The more gas there is created, the larger the balloon will get. This reaction between the two causes a gas called carbon dioxide to bubble and foam. This gas having nowhere else to go, expands the balloon making the self-inflating balloon happen.

You can check the reference on this link for more details:

Check out this video Live Pandai Lab 10  for you:

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