Pandai Lab 6 : Flower Experiment

Pandai Lab 6 brings you to learn about flowers and plants! This experiment is one of super fun science experiments that can amaze your kids and students for all ages. This magical blooming flowers experiment will have your students gasp in surprise as the paper flowers unfold right in front of their eyes!

On 5 November 2020, you will learn and love designing your own paper flowers with creativity. You can also do this experiment with flowers design and learn to fold the papers. It is a STEM Experiment. This simple STEM project is a fun science and art activity in one. Here the details for experiment:

Date: 5 November 2020
Title: Flower Experiment
Materials: Colour papers, marker pens, scissors, water & tray 

1. Printable flower templates or draw them yourself on colour paper. Then, cut the outer line of flowers using a scissor. 
2. Color and design the flowers. Place a sticker in the middle or write a message if you wish!
3. Fold the petals one by one toward the center.
4. Pour water in a tray or container of your choice.
5. Place the paper flower or star into the water with the petals side up.
6. Watch the petals open up!

What makes this possible and happened?

This experiment is all about plants. The paper flowers magically bloom in water due to a phenomenon called capillary action! Yes! This capillary action as part of a plant that lives in the water or called aquatic plants such as lotus and water lily. The water lily is an example of a floating plant. Floating plants grow on the surface of the water and are anchored by their roots to the bottom of the body of water. So, paper is made out of tiny wood fibers. There are small gaps or spaces between the wood fibers that form vessels where liquid or air may pass through. When the paper comes into contact with water, the amazing power of capillary action rapidly draws water into all these tiny spaces. That is happening because the water is slightly more attracted to the wood fibers than to itself.

Water molecules are “sticky,” meaning that they like to stay close together as well as adhere to other substances. When you place the paper flowers in the water, water molecules immediately stick to the walls of the vessels. It will continue to travel up the vessels and drag other water molecules along. As the paper absorbs more and more water, the creases flatten out. As a result, the flower petals unfold and slowly open up like a real water lily blossoms.

You can check the reference on this link for more details:

Check out this video Live Pandai Lab 6 for you:

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