Pandai Lab 13 : Magic Water Experiment

Pandai Lab 13, you will learn how to make a magic!. Yes! It is a Magic Water Experiment!. Let’s amaze your kids with this experiment! As you can see, this experiment was so easy to prepare for your kids. 

This experiment is simple, quick and a lot of fun. You can ask your kids the prediction. Ask your child what they think will happen as the upside-down glass rises to the surface of the water. Will the colored water stay in the glass, or spill out? Let’s see their answers! After that, start this magic experiment for them.

Here the details for experiment:

Date: 22 December 2020
Title: Magic Water Experiment
Materials: Food colourings, a glass & a bowl of water.

1. Add food colouring to a bowl with water..
2. Submerge your glass into the bowl.
3. Turn the glass upside down, keeping it fully submerged. You will see the water still in the glass.
4. Slowly lift the glass up, without letting the top of the glass rise above the surface of the water
5. Try lifting the glass fully above the bowl, breaking the surface. The water also goes out from the glass. 

What makes this possible and happened?

Here that you need to know. This experiment makes you guys learn the pressure and gravity concept too. The water is able to stay inside the glass, even try to be lifted up, because air pressure is pushing down on the water’s surface. This forces the water up into the glass. As you gradually lift the glass above the surface of the water you lose the pressure that was keeping the water suspended in air. Gravity then does its job, causing the water to fall out. So, it is easy and fun, right? This is can be an exciting trick for your kids to do a magic with them. 

You can check the reference on this link for more details:

Check out this video Live Pandai Lab 13 for you:

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